Classification of dispersants for paints

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There are phosphate dispersants, polyacid homopolymer dispersants, polyacid copolymer dispersants and other types of dispersants.

The most used phosphate dispersants are polyphosphates, such as sodium hexametaphosphate, sodium polyphosphate (Calgon N, a product of BK Giulini Chemicals, Germany), potassium tripolyphosphate (KTPP) and tetrapotassium pyrophosphate (TKPP).











Regarding the choice of color/base ratio and resin concentration. The resin concentration can be selected through the viscosity curve chart. The color paste formula is set with different concentrations of resin, and the optimal concentration value is determined according to the output rate, viscosity and grinding speed. The highest yield rate is definitely the best color/basis ratio, which must be adjusted according to the equipment. In addition, pp wax wholesale the method of measuring the wetting point and the Daniel flow point can be used to select the best resin concentration value and color/base ratio. This method is fast and concise, but needs to be adjusted during actual production.

2. Application of wetting and dispersing agent in non-polar base material
The optimal resin concentration value for pigment dispersion is determined by the properties of the pigment and resin. When applying wetting and dispersing agents, the interrelationship between the three must be considered. The dispersion efficiency of each pigment is the result of the effects of the pigment, resin solution, and additives. When the inorganic pigment is dispersed in the polar resin base containing the active group, the wetting and dispersing agent may not be used. However, it is different in non-polar resin bases without active groups. Pigments will not disperse well without additives.


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