Strong gelation catalyst for polyurethane coatings C-16

2021-11-10   Pageview:255

Suitable for aromatic isocyanate two-component polyurethane coating system, with delayed action and certain hydrolysis resistance, long storage time of the combination material.












The volume loss method is to correct the density of the paint for the mass loss method to obtain the true value of the comparison of wear resistance. For example, when a varnish film is compared with a paint film that contains a lot of pigments, the latter has a much higher density due to the addition of colored pigments. In this case, a correction factor (solid mass/liquid paint volume) is recommended. Calculation.

When comparing the abrasion resistance of coating films with different relative densities, this volume loss method is recommended.

The abrasion depth method uses a special abrasion pressure and abrasion wheels to rotate the coating film to a certain number of abrasion cycles, and then uses a precision calibrated optical micrometer (such as a reflection densitometer 60) to measure the light transmittance before and after the coating film is worn. Over rate (because of the difference in gloss before and after abrasion), expressed by the turbidity of the synthetic polymer wax coating film and the degree of atomization (%), the larger the value, the more severe the abrasion and the worse the tread resistance.
This abrasion depth method is suitable for the measurement of clear coating films.

There is no direct comparison between the Taber abrasion results expressed by these four methods. The wear resistance effect of the coating film can only be expressed in a single method according to the difficulty of the coating film abrasion, thickness, density, etc.

Taber grit feeder The Taber grit feeder is used in conjunction with the abrasion meter to evaluate the wear resistance of the coating film. For the physical destruction of the coating film, a vacuum system is used to continuously remove the coating film debris and used sand particles that have fallen off by abrasion.

The Taber gravel conveyor is especially suitable for measuring the coating film and elasticity of experimental floor coatings.


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