How to use Wetting agent for aqueous coatings

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1, Added to the abrasive before dispersion

2, The addition of rheological additives (e.g. meteorological silica) to inorganic pigment concentrates has proven to be very effective

3, When preparing carbon black concentrates, adding a small amount of amine (0.2-3.0%) can effectively neutralize some of the acidic surface of the pigment.

4, When using lamp black, it is recommended to use tego-750W and tego-760W together to get the best blackness.

5, In the production of pigment concentrated pulp, we can add tego-830, a highly compatible silicone-free defoamer with good effect.











Oil-soluble redox initiation system
Peroxide-tertiary amine redox system The organic peroxide-amine initiation system is an oil-soluble redox initiation system. For example, benzoyl peroxide-N,N-dimethylaniline redox initiates the decomposition reaction of the system.

The initiation system first forms a polar complex and then decomposes to produce a free radical, so the initiation efficiency is low, and because of the presence of N,N-dimethylaniline, the polymer is yellowed, and it is usually not used to produce linear polymers. , Mainly used for linear oligomers with several double bonds in the molecule. For example, in the room temperature curing process of unsaturated polyester resin, the liquid unsaturated polyester resin (usually with styrene monomer) is transformed into a solid polymer with a solid body marcus polyethylene wax structure through free radical copolymerization.

N,N-dimethylaniline and N,N-diethylaniline are the most commonly used reducing agents in this system. The former is more active than the latter. In addition, sulfinic acid, 2-ethanol alcohol, formic acid and hydrazine can all induce the decomposition of dibenzoyl peroxide and generate free radicals.


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