Application of adhesion promoter EP2325

2021-11-27   Pageview:505

Evonik Degussa adhesion promoter EP2325 improves the adhesion of coatings on harsh substrates and between layers of coatings as a system. EP2325 promoter resin is very effective on metal, mineral and plastic substrates. It improves gloss, flexibility and corrosion resistance. All of them have the light, weathering and saponification resistance. Adhesion promoter resins can be used in solvent-borne, solvent-free, and water-dilutable air-dry and baked coating systems.













In order to further improve the leveling effect of the acrylate polymer leveling agent, and improve the gloss and anti-interference performance of the coating film, modification with silicone resin can improve some properties.

Although the powder coating of acrylate polymer leveling agent system modified with silicone resin does not interfere with the powder coating of unmodified acrylate polymer leveling agent system, it does not interfere with the powder coating of silicone resin modified leveling agent system. When the paint is not cleaned, it is easy to produce film interference when the powder paint of the acrylic polymer leveling agent system is used. Therefore, when producing powder coatings and coating powder coatings, we must pay attention to these two leveling agent system powders. Interference between coatings. When changing the powder coating leveling agent system, the related equipment must be cleaned to avoid interference between the front and rear powder coating products. This interference is mainly caused by shrinkage in the coating film.

There are many domestic manufacturers that produce leveling agents for powder coatings, so no more introduction will be made here.

Foreign companies include BY K Chemie in Germany, ptfe modified pe wax paper Monsanto Co. in the United States and Wor lee-Chemie in Germany. The specifications and characteristics of leveling agents for powder coatings are used in powder coatings. The amount used in the coating formulation can be calculated based on the total amount of film-forming substances (resin and curing agent), or it can be calculated based on the total amount of the formulation. Experiments and experience have shown that for domestic acrylic polymer leveling agents, the effective component of the leveling agent is calculated as 0.8% to 1.2% of the total film-forming substances, which can meet the requirements of the leveling properties of the coating film.

Considering the uniformity of the dispersion of the leveling agent, it is more appropriate to use 1.0%~1.2%. Because in the powder coating formulation, the range of the amount of pigments and fillers is relatively wide, and the oil absorption range between different varieties is also relatively large, so according to the variety and amount of pigments and fillers in the formulation, the oil absorption is generally larger or the amount is When there are more, it is necessary to appropriately increase the amount of leveling agent. According to experience, the amount of leveling agent reaching 1.5% of the total film-forming material has no obvious effect.


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