How to use 463anti-mildew agent for powder coating

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PH value in 2.0 – 12
Recommended concentration: 0.2 – 0.4%.
The above use concentration is for reference only, the actual use concentration should be determined by the season, environment, the concentration of microorganisms in raw materials and other factors.













BIT has a slower bactericidal effect, and there are gaps in the antibacterial spectrum. When exposed to strong redox agents, the antiseptic property is reduced, which is irritating to the skin and has poor mildew resistance.
The oral LDso of 2-benzisothiazolin-3-one in rats is 1200mg/kg, which is irritating to the skin and eyes. When it is splashed on the skin, wash it off with water immediately.
In use, due to the better stability of BIT, it should be added at the beginning of the beating as much as possible, which is conducive to anti-corrosion.
Examples of products
The preservatives belonging to this category are: Pro xel GXL, Pro xel XL-2, Troy san586, Merg alK 10-N, Acticide BW 20, Biocide BIG-A50M, Nuo-sept 498 (zero VOC, low odor), Antiseptic preservative PT, antiseptic BTG, SD-202-1, SD-202-2, etc.
Usually, CM IT·MIT=3+1. This is because in the synthesis process, the process of separating these two compounds solution mw wax additive is very complicated and uneconomical, so the product is produced and used in the form of a mixture.
In addition, preservatives generally contain nitrate and nitrite to stabilize the active component [, there are also reports of copper stabilized, antibacterial
CM IT/MIT has a broad antibacterial spectrum, among which CM IT is a quick-acting fungicide, and its bactericidal efficacy is 50 to 200 times that of MIT. Table 10-4 is the minimum inhibitory concentration of Kath on LXE, and its active component is CM IT/MIT.


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