What is anti-mildew agent for paint ?

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Anti-mold agent for paint is a preparation added to paint (latex paint) to make It is a kind of preparation to prepare anti-mold paint.

It has the characteristics of high efficiency, broad spectrum, anti-algae, stable, and environmental protection. And we usually say mold inhibitor is a class of polymeric material additives that can inhibit the growth of mold and kill mold, can make polymeric materials from fungal erosion, maintain a good appearance and physical and mechanical properties.











There are two methods for measuring the surface drying time: the blowing cotton ball method and the finger touch method. Experiments have shown that the blowing cotton ball method is stricter than the finger touch method. There are filter paper method, cotton ball method and blade method for measuring the actual drying time.
The Q GZ automatic paint film drying time tester is a test method for the relative movement of the painted surface through scratches, and the trace shape of the scratches represents the test method of each stage of drying. The rotating arm has two kinds of rotation speed: 12h/revolution and 24h/revolution. The scribing needle tip spherical radius r has 4 kinds of 0.025mm, 0.5mm, 1.0mm and 1.5mm.

For general air-drying paint and thick paint, use a needle with a larger r, and use a needle with a smaller r for quick-drying paint and thin paint. It is advisable to obtain a clear and easy-to-judge trajectory. According to the analysis of the trajectory of the scribing needle, the surface dry and actual drying time can be measured. The paint discharged by the scribing needle at the beginning stage (AB) can still flow back to the traces of micronized polypropylene wax the scribing needle movement, so the scratches at this stage are not obvious, even if There are traces, and the surface is also very smooth. Some film debris appears on the needle track from point B. This is the starting point of the surface drying. As the surface drying progresses, the surface film gradually thickens, and the cohesive force of the molecules in the film gradually increases, so the film will be coated after the needle The triangle opening in the direction of the clockwise movement is opened. When the entire thickness of the coating film is dry, the scribing needle can no longer stroke it. Point C is the completely dry point of the coating film, so after point C, the scribing needle will leave no trace or only a slight mark on the coating film. Embossing.

For paint users, the shorter the drying time of the coating film, the better, which can prevent the coating film from being contaminated by dust and shorten the construction time. However, due to the limitations of materials used, the temperature and humidity changes during construction, and other properties of the coating film, the coating manufacturer determines and evaluates different drying times for various types of coatings.


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