OIT Anti-mildew agent

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OIT is suitable for water-based emulsions, coatings, adhesives, finishes, leather, polymers, nonwovens, artificial leather, microfiber, canvas, wood and paper mold, is a low toxicity, high efficiency, broad-spectrum products, mold has a strong killing effect, can achieve the ideal fungicidal effect of mold.

It is water-soluble and compatible with most systems. It meets European and American standards and is free of formaldehyde, carson and TCMTB.












O-Methoxyphenol o-isopropylphenol
These two substituted phenols are commonly used phenolic anti-skinning agents, and some isomer mixtures of pentyl phenol are used as anti-skinning agents.
The Ascin in P anti-skinning agent produced by Bayer is a phenolic anti-skinning agent.
Composition: A 40% solution of substituted phenols in a mixed solution of xylene and butanol (96+5).
Features: clear color and yellowish liquid
Density (20℃) 0.90g/mL
Flash point 31℃
Uses: Used as an anti-skinning agent in air-drying coatings, and can prevent the primer from biting the bottom of the topcoat. In the baking paint, it can remove the irregularities and air pollution on the surface.

Usage (calculated according to the solid content of the binder):

Long oil acetate resin and oil-based paint 1%~1.5%
Medium oil alkyd resin
Styrene modified alkyd resin 0~5%
Reference for use: Asc in in P has good stability and has no effect on the anti-skinning montan glycol wax effect when its color becomes darker. Crystals will precipitate when stored in an open or low temperature. It can be used after heating to room temperature or replenishing solvent to re-dissolve.

When using, do not add drier at the same time. The amount increases with the drying speed of the film-forming substance. In the paint, some pigments such as iron blue, iron oxide red and carbon black have a delaying effect on the dryness, then As The amount of e in in P can be reduced.


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