Application effect of carnauba wax emulsion

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Carnauba wax has a very hard texture, high gloss, good oil retention, and easy emulsification. The biggest advantage is that it has extremely high brightness and extraordinary hardness that other waxes do not have.

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Application effect of carnauba wax emulsion

1. Ideal surface protectant for water-based paint (metallic paint, wood paint, plastic paint, etc.), anti-friction, anti-scratch, increase slip and gloss.

2. It can provide anti-friction and anti-scratch in products such as leather finishing agent, shoe wax water, shoe cream, etc., increase smoothness and gloss, and improve hand feeling and polishing.

3. It is used in polishing agent in automobile and other fields, and also in cosmetics and other daily chemical fields. Palm wax emulsion can also be used as lubricant and release agent for paper products; water-based polishing agent and anti-wear agent; water-based mold release agent, etc. It can also be used in agricultural fields such as fruit coating.

Application areas of carnauba wax emulsion

Carnauba wax emulsion is widely used in the manufacture of leather finishing agents, water-based inks, water-based paints, water-based coatings, glazing agents (self-brightening leather shoe polish, leather jacket oil, car wax, floor wax, furniture glazing wax, fruit preservation, And plastic and rubber lubricants and other fields.


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