4 features of paint anti-mildew agent DL-M80

2021-10-26   Pageview:380

1, Effective sterilization, DL-M80 anti-mold agent has a strong ability to kill mold, a wide range of activity, and the effective dosage is lower than the general anti-mold agent.

2, DL-M80 can be used in almost all paints: acrylic acid, polyvinyl acetate and other emulsions; solvent-based paints and alkyd paints.

3, Easy to use, DL-M80 anti-mildew agent is in liquid form, so it is easy to be added into emulsions and paint formulations.

4, Low toxicity, extensive toxicity test results show that the toxicity of DL-M80 is very low at the specified use level.











Free radical type polymerization inhibitor
Free radical type polymerization inhibitor is a kind of stable free radical compound, which can not initiate monomer polymerization reaction and does not react with oxygen, but can undergo diradical termination with active free radicals to achieve the purpose of polymerization inhibition. It is styrene and acrylic acid. Efficient polymerization inhibitor for monomers such as methyl ester, acrylonitrile and vinyl acetate. The junction of free radical inhibitors is commonly used.

Free radical inhibitors can be divided into stable nitrogen free radicals, stable nitroxide free radicals, triphenylmethyl free radicals, molecular oxygen (which can be regarded as double free radical inhibitors), etc. Among them, DP PH is A typical high-efficiency free radical type polymerization inhibitor. Due to strong conjugation stabilization and huge steric hindrance, DP PH can exist in the form of free radicals. It cannot dimerize by itself or initiate monomers, but it can capture activity. Free radicals form stable free radicals or stable compounds. The polymerization inhibition constant of DP PH to methyl methacrylate is C 2=2000, so DP PH montan wax msds can eliminate a free radical stoichiometrically. With the consumption of DP PH, its color changes from purple to colorless. Therefore, the change in the color of DP PH can be used to determine the initiation rate of the initiator and obtain the initiation efficiency.


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