Strong gelation catalyst for polyurethane coatings C-15

2021-11-10   Pageview:251

Strong gelation catalyst for polyurethane coatings C-15 is suitable for aromatic isocyanate two-component polyurethane coating system, medium catalytic activity, lower activity than C-14.












Taber abraser is an instrument for testing the abrasion resistance of flat coatings. The abrasion effect is produced by a pair of abrasive wheels, which are different types of grinding wheels with unequal roughness, and weights of different qualities are placed on the grinding wheels. The appropriate type of grinding wheel and weight of appropriate quality can be selected by the degree of wear resistance of the coating film.

The coating film plate is fixed on the rotating table, and the rotating table makes the abrasion wheel rotate horizontally on the coating film plate, causing the coating film of the sample plate to wear. The instrument is equipped with a counter, which can automatically record the number of laps worn by the template.
There are 4 ways to express the wear results of the Taber abrasion meter.

The mass loss method is expressed by Taber abrasion index. This index is the mass (mg) lost by 1000 cycles of the coating film under specific conditions (wheel type and weight mass). The lower the abrasion index, the better the wear resistance of the coating film. For example, if the coated plate is etched 5000 times, the weight loss of the coated film is 500mg, the abrasion index is 100. In the same situation, if another coating film is abraded 500 times, the coating film will lose weight 100mg, and its abrasion index is 200

500mgX1000 circle = 100 Taber abrasion index (mass loss method)
5000 experimental laps
100mgX1000 circle = 200 Taber abrasion index (mass loss method)
500 experimental laps obviously, the abrasion resistance of the former is synthetic paraffin alternative better than that of the latter.

The mass loss method can also be expressed by the number of abrasion circles that achieve the same abrasion quality, or the same the expression of the wear quality under the number of wear circles. When the relative density of the coating film is close and the material is similar, when the wear resistance is compared, the mass loss method is recommended.

In the process of wear, the visual endpoint method directly observes obvious changes in appearance, characteristics or physical fractures, which are used as the basis for comparison of wear resistance. For example, it is expressed by the number of abrasion circles exposed on the bottom surface.


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