Coating wetting auxiliaries- TEGOPREN 5840 silicone emulsion

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Product Name: TEGOPREN 5840
Chemical Description: Gloss and wetting additive
Appearance: Liquid
PH: Neutral
Active substance content: 40%
Surface tension: 22-23 mN/m













In the actual production process, due to the different purity of the raw materials and the different reaction conditions, the amount of lead naphthenate produced and the amount of lead metal contained in it will change to a certain extent. The metal content of the metal soap should be measured, and then diluted with 200# solvent gasoline. Specify the concentration. Table 6-13 is the formula of drier made by melting method.

The metal soap produced by precipitation method has lower metal content than that produced by melting method. Because of the formation of acidic metal soap, its solubility, transparency and stability are better than neutral metal soap. Excess naphthenic acid is often used in the production process. In order to improve its stability and transparency, strong polar compounds such as butanol and pentanol phosphate esters are also used to make naphthenic acid soaps better dispersed.

The precipitation method mostly uses naphthenic acid and synthetic organic acid. The metal content of the obtained product is easy to control, the color is light, the impurities are few, and the stability in the paint is good. At present, most of the driers are produced by this method. However, due to the thick metal soap, it will not be easy to wash off the inorganic salt, which will affect the water resistance and corrosion resistance of the paint film. The water must be washed thoroughly. Using the solvent method, the liquid phase reaction is carried out in the presence of water and solvent at the same time, and the produced metal soap is transferred to the solvent, while the sodium sterate is dissolved in water, so that the produced metal soap has a low viscosity and is easy to wash.

The feeding ratio can be calculated according to the reaction formula: 561 parts of naphthenic  modified wax acid and excess sodium hydroxide are saponified into sodium soap, and then replaced with 379 parts of lead acetate to obtain 766 parts of lead naphthenate.

The metal lead concentration of lead naphthenate is about 27% calculated as neutral metal soap, and some acid metal soaps are also formed during the actual production process.
Its metal lead content is 19.8%, so the actual measured metal lead content is less than 27% and is about 24%. Precipitation method to make naphthenic acid soap formula.


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