Strong gel catalyst C-14 for polyurethane coatings

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Widely used in polyurethane foams, elastomers, adhesives, sealants and room temperature curing silicone systems.








Slip-increasing, anti-scratch agent, anti-slip agent and anti-wear agent 495
The wear-resistant effect of the ground coating.
Washability (abrasion) test machine (Washability machine)
Detergency (abrasion resistance) testing machine is another type of experimental wear tester, which uses a brush or sand brush to reciprocate on the surface of the coating film and add soap or friction media to accelerate the simulation of wear and tear.
The washing resistance (abrasion resistance) tester is suitable for measuring the abrasion resistance effect of architectural coatings.

2. Application effect of anti-wear agent
The effect of the use of organic synthetic material wear-resistant agents is to coat polyester varnish and polyurethane colored topcoat on the polyester colored primer, respectively. Shaped polyamide (nylon) is sasol wax vegan particles are the formulation of the anti-wear agent. The test result of the coating film performance of the control sample.
Polyamide is the dosage formula of the wear-resistant agent, and the polyamide particles are used as the wear-resistant agent. The solvent resistance, hardness and UV stability of the coating film, but it also reduces the gloss of the coating film a lot, and has a matting effect. The matting effect of the anti-wear agent on the coating film is related to its particle size and shape, and the anti-wear agent with a small particle size and a round shape has a small matting effect. As in Example 2, although the amount of anti-wear agent added is the largest, the particle size is small and round, so the gloss is higher than in Example 1 and Example 3.

The use effect of inorganic anti-wear agents
The effect of abrasion is obvious, and it is used more.
Acid-cured amino alkyd and moisture-cured polyurethane transparent floor coating coating plywood, using silicon carbide powder and alumina powder as the formulation of the anti-wear agent and the reference formulation. Comparison of abrasion resistance under the same construction conditions.

Painted plywood floor coating formula/kg
Silicon carbide (Mohs hardness 13, particle size 25~40um) alumina (Mohs hard bottom 12, particle size 20~35pm) diluent
Comparison of wear resistance
Coating amount/g/m2) Abrasion circle number
55 55 130 130
92o <8の 1000 <100
① The number of abrasion circles of Taber abrasion meter, visual endpoint method (exposed substrate).
② Taber abrasion meter, influence.


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