Physical indexes of Acid Catalyst 8051

2021-11-13   Pageview:656

Parameter composition: sulfonic acid compound
Appearance: dark brown viscous solution
Active part: >50%













The oligomerization method developed in the 1970s has the advantage of low production cost, but due to the presence of branched chains in the product, its performance is not very good. Of course, in addition to the above example methods, there are many more about fluorocarbon surface activity. The synthesis method of the agent is reported, but in all the methods, the method of synthesizing the perfluorinated chain is included in the method described above. The difference is in the intermediates—perfluorocarboxylic acid fluoride, perfluorosulfonyl fluoride, and perfluorosulfonyl fluoride. The conversion method of alkyl iodide, tetramer, pentamer, hexamer of tetrafluoroethylene and the telomerization product of perfluoropropylene oxide, carboxylic acid fluoride. Through the transformation of these fluorine-containing intermediates, fluorocarbon surfactants of various uses can be obtained. Due to space limitations, we will not introduce them one by one here. Interested readers can refer to relevant literature.

The addition amount of fluorocarbon surfactants in coatings is about 0.05%~0.1%, which mainly depends on the types of coatings and pigments used. Experiments show that fluorocarbon surfactants are better than silicon surfactants as additives for coatings. Better results. For example, fish eyes, byk pp wax pinholes, etc. often appear in the coatings after coatings with silicon surfactants as additives, but there are no such phenomena in coatings with fluorocarbon surfactants as additives. Adding fluorocarbon surfactants to the coating can increase the wettability and leveling of the coating, and prevent the corners of the coating from lacking paint, cracking, blistering and wrinkles after the coating dries. Fluorocarbon surfactants can improve the gloss and antifouling properties of the coating. A recent study by Meng showed that although the cost of fluorocarbon surfactants is relatively high, the amount of fluorocarbon surfactants added is small, and some properties (such as improving anti-blocking properties) cannot be achieved by silicon-containing or alkyl-containing additives, or If you want to achieve this performance, you must add a lot of additives, so it still brings a competitive advantage in price.


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