Solubility of antioxidant 1010

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Ethyl acetate:47% (20°C, W/W)















Complex type organometallic compound thickener
This is a new type of thickener developed in recent years. As a structural thickener for latex paint, its notable features are anti-sagging, roll coating, anti-flying test, leveling, etc. are superior to cellulose ether thickening Agent. The thickening mechanism is also through hydrogen bonding. At present, there are no products available in China. There are organic zirconium complex thickeners produced by France Rhone Planck Company, and amino alcohol complex titanate thickeners produced by British Benemen Company. This thickener is effective for emulsions using HEC protective colloids.

Choice of thickener
Here are the following aspects to introduce the choice of thickener.
Thickener performance comparison
Comparison of the performance of various associative thickeners.
In addition, Shay et al. [De] test found that the general order of affinity for water is: acid form alkali swelling thickener “non-ionic synthetic thickener (such as HEUR) <cellulose thickener ~internal lubricant  salt form alkali Swelling thickener.
Interaction between thickener and other coating components
The choice of thickener can not only consider the thickener, but also combined with the latex paint system to choose the thickener. Especially when using associative thickeners, the comprehensive influence of emulsions, surfactants, film-forming aids and pigments must be considered because of the interaction between them.


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