Performance of dibutyltin dilaurate 7760

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1, Dibutyltin dilaurate 7760 has a highly efficient PU curing to promote drying, used in polyurethane base and top paint can shorten the sanding time and make the paint film flat and smooth to promote fast drying, in PVC plastic products with more efficient lubricity and stability.

2, 7760 is an important and even essential component in many application areas, such as
a, For two-component polyurethane, polyester, nitrocellulose, nitro lacquer, ink and other coatings and moisture-hardening coatings
b, 7706 is the basic hardening catalyst with good oxidation stability. It is used as catalyst and foam activator in polyurethane foam, PVC foam, silicone rubber synthesis material
c, Used as synthetic catalyst in various adhesives












Hammering agent is an auxiliary agent that produces a hammered texture of aluminum powder on the surface of the coating film due to uneven surface tension after being mixed and dispersed in the powder coating together with the metal aluminum powder.

In hammer powder coatings, aluminum powder is an indispensable component, and it is best to be non-floating aluminum powder, which is deposited on the concave surface of the concave-convex coating film during film formation. When the powder coating is formed into a film, the hammering agent makes the surface tension of the coating film uneven, forming a certain degree of uneven coating, buy ptfe powder so that the aluminum powder is deposited on the concave part to form a hammer. A three-dimensional hammer pattern is formed.

Generally, the hammering agent is added when the raw materials are pre-mixed and dispersed by the melt extrusion mixing method. Because the amount of the hammering agent has a significant effect on the appearance (texture) of the coating film, it is recommended to use it in the raw material manufacturer or distributor On the basis of the amount, after testing, determine a more appropriate amount of use.

In the manufacture of hammer grain powder coatings, the variety and amount of aluminum powder also have a significant impact on the quality of the rust grain powder coating and the appearance of the coating film; in addition, the melting horizontal fluidity and gelation time of the powder coating also have a certain impact on the size of the hammer grain texture. Therefore, it is more difficult to formulate hammer-grain powder coatings whose coating film color and appearance are consistent with the user’s coating film template than the general flat coating film appearance powder coatings.

In order to make the hammer texture clear, it is best not to add some poorly transparent fillers in the formula. Even if you add some fillers to increase the hardness of the coating film or reduce the cost, the amount of fillers added should not exceed 15% of the total formula. , Otherwise, the sharpness of the hammer pattern is not good. In addition, when adjusting the size of the hammer pattern, in addition to adjusting the amount of the hammer pattern, you can also add a small amount of leveling agent to adjust. Generally, as the amount of leveling agent increases, the hammer texture of the coating film becomes smaller. When the hammer texture or leveling agent is used the most, the hammer texture will disappear, and even the coating film will become small fine patterns. Commonly used hammer texture The types of agents include cellulose acylate butyrate (CAB) CAB 551-0.01, CAB 551-0.2, CAB-531-1 produced by Eastman Company of the United States, and the dosage is 0.1%~0.3% of the total formula. Their technology The indicators are shown in Table 25-8. In addition, there is the hammer pattern agent HOT 856 from Hubei Hongtu Chemical Products Co., Ltd. It is a white crystalline powder with a relative density of 1.8, a fineness of less than 125um, and a melting range of 150~160℃. 0.1%~0.2% of the amount. Hangzhou Zhongshun Chemical Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.’s 7S 705 and HOT 856 have the same technical indicators.


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