Paraffin wax emulsions for paper industry

2021-06-30   Pageview:823

In the process of paper selection, most of the paper has an inner rubber material inside, which can make the inherent absorbent web of the paper fiber have an ideal water resistance strength. Traditional fillers generally use resins, if you choose paraffin wax emulsions, which can replace 20%-40% of traditional resins.

The benefits of adding wax emulsion for paper industry:

1. Adding paraffin emulsions can reduce the moisture absorption of paper and promote the uniform distribution of gum in the paper fiber structure.

2, It can offset the influence of the resin binder and various pigments when mixed, so the printability can be improved and the printing efficiency can be improved. The sized paper in the beating machine can usually be further processed and refined through its surface sizing material or coating. A new variety of paraffin wax emulsion is being developed as a hydrophobic agent for the production of high-end printing paper.

Paraffin Wax Emulsion OE-6802 Name: Paraffin Wax Emulsion Model Number: OE-6802 Chemical Composition: Modified Paraffin Wax

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