Application of Michelman water-based wax emulsion ME39235

2021-12-14   Pageview:369

1, ME39235 is a non-ionic high density polyethylene wax emulsion. It is mainly used in leather, coating and ink industries.

2, ME39235’s main function is to enhance the abrasion and scratch resistance of products, improve slip and hand feel. Especially in water-based wood paint and varnish, water-based printing ink and other products, it can effectively improve their waterproof hydrophobicity and increase staining resistance without affecting the gloss.











Considering the production operation and storage stability of powder coatings, the curing agent is solid at room temperature, not liquid, preferably in powder form or easily crushed flakes. In this way, it is easy to disperse evenly during the powder coating manufacturing process.

The curing agent should only chemically react with the resin during the baking and curing process, and not chemically react with other powder wood coating components such as pigments, fillers and additives.

Considering the dispersibility and uniformity in the process of manufacturing powder wood coatings, the melting temperature of the curing agent should be relatively low, and the compatibility with the resin should be good. In this way, it can be uniformly mixed with the resin in the melting and mixing process, and good coating film performance can be easily obtained after curing and forming a film.

From the perspective of energy saving and improving production efficiency, the curing reaction temperature of the chemical agent and the resin is low, and the reaction time is short, which is conducive to curing at low temperature and short time to form a film, and it is easy to save energy and improve production coating matting powder efficiency.

The curing agent itself has good chemical stability. In the process of powder coating storage or recycling, it will not react chemically when exposed to air, humidity and the influence of ambient temperature, does not affect the storage stability of powder coatings, and does not affect the dry powder of powder coatings. fluidity.

When the curing agent and the resin undergo cross-linking and agglomeration reaction, it is best not to produce by-products or to produce few by-products. In this way, during the curing process, it is not easy to produce pinholes, pig pores and other defects of the coating film, and it is easy to obtain a smooth and smooth coating film.

The curing agent should be colorless or light-colored, so that the curing agent will not color the coating film, and it is easy to prepare white and light-colored pine powder coatings.

From the health and safety considerations of powder coating manufacturing and painting, the curing agent should be non-toxic or very low in toxicity. This is beneficial to the health and hygiene of the powder coating production and coating personnel.


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