Paraffin wax emulsion used as leather brightening agent

2021-12-30   Pageview:282

When choosing different wax emulsions for leather top coating, some can increase the glossiness or brightness of leather, and some can produce matting effect to present leather charm.

The wax emulsion particle size required to produce glossy effect is very small, the composition is relatively single, in the leather surface to form a layer of homogeneous and continuous wax film, microscopic film is very smooth, to produce a strong reflection of light waves, thus having a sense of luster; produce matting effect of wax emulsion particle size is larger, in the leather surface to form a non-homogeneous and microscopic uneven surface, to produce a strong scattering effect of light waves, scattering effect is the fundamental reason for the matting agent to produce matting effect.











The infrared spectrum of the end carboxyl type polyester resin for epoxy polyester powder coating is shown in Figure 4-15. 3433cmm-1 is the hydroxyl O a H stretching vibration absorption and collection bulk paraffin wax peak seen from the infrared spectrum; 2968cm12877cmm~ is the C a H stretching vibration absorption peak on the methyl group; 11723cmm- is the C a O stretching vibration absorption peak in the ester group; 1407cm a 11374cm is the adjacent two methyl bending vibration absorption peaks, such as neopentyl glycol; 1268cm-1 is the C-O-C asymmetric stretching vibration absorption peaks in the ester group in the terephthalate group wide and strong; 11018cmcm-1, 729cm-1, 7729cmn are the benzene ring para-substitution absorption peaks in the ester group, so there is a terephthalate structure. From the spectrum, there is no obvious difference with the pure polyester powder coating with terminal carboxyl polyester resin, are condensed with polyacid and polyol products, the difference can be seen only by cleavage chromatography mass spectrometry analysis.


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