Introduction of Clariant Ceridust 3910

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Clariant Ceridust 3910 is a micronized amide wax with an average particle size of about 6.5 μ. It is widely used as a crosslinker in polyester/triglycidyl isocyanurate/Primid/powder based, polyester/epoxy, polyurethane, acrylate and epoxy powder coatings, acting as a degassing agent on porous surfaces while increasing hardness. Also used as a substitute for metal-containing sanding agents such as zinc stearate.

Name: Ceridust3910
Appearance: White micro powder
Titration point: about 142℃
Acid value (mg KOH/g): 7
Density 23℃(g/cm3): 1.0
Particle size
d50: 6.5um
d90: 12um















4DSA 2068 matting curing agent SA 2068 clear curing agent is acid value 530~570mgKOH/g, chemical equivalent (molecular weight/functionality) 92, volatile content is less than 0.5%, appearance is light yellow fine powder, used for polyester TGI C system The matting intermediating agent, the coating film has good leveling and good physical and mechanical properties, and the gloss of the coating film can reach (60″) 10%. This matting curing agent is the same type as XG 628, and when designing the formulation The quality ratio of SA 2068 matting curing agent and TGI C is better than 11 (1.1~1.6). The polyester resin of different manufacturers has a great influence on the gloss of the coating film. This curing agent is the same as XG628 and is not suitable for use in For applications requiring high yellowing resistance, add antioxidants or UV when needed

Light absorbers and other auxiliary agents. The curing condition of this kind magic montan wax of light curing agent to trap the powdery material is 200℃×10min.
5A2069 extinction state chemical agent
Volatile content less than 0, 5%: self-color poplar powder, suitable for matting curing agent of poly-HHA A system, the coating film has good leveling

SA2069 actinic agent has a melting point of 225~232℃, a base equivalent of 122-126, and a gloss (60*) up to 30%. When designing powder coating formulations, it is suitable for polymer with a value of 34mgKOH/g. Positive fat, according to polysweet resin HAA (Primi dXL 552) SA2069-95110: 7.4 is better: for the value of 20mgKOH/g polyester resin, according to polyresin·HAA IS A 206996.518.5.4 is better, in the coating film gloss Regarding adjustment, control the polyester resin: HAA=9545 or 96.5+3.5 (mass ratio), in the case of HAA’SA 2069-111.53, adjust the dosage in the formula to achieve. In order to obtain satisfactory film performance, it is best to use SA 500 degassing agent, and the curing condition is 200℃×10min

Among the two matting curing agents @YH-208 and YH-218 matting curing agent, YH-208 is transparent or nearly colorless with an epoxy equivalent of 500~560, a glass transition temperature of 65~70℃, and a volatile content of less than 1% Solid particles are matting curing agents for weather-resistant polyester powder coatings. The extinction principle belongs to physical and chemical reaction extinction, which not only uses the difference in compatibility between its components and the polyester resin, but also uses the complex military penetration network extinction effect between the two different reaction speeds in the system.


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