How To Choose Lubricant In PVC Stabilizer

2023-08-03   Pageview:244

How to choose lubricant in PVC stabilizer? There are many types of lubricants for heat stabilizers, among which Fischer-Tropsch wax, stone wax, polyvinyl wax, oxidized polyvinyl wax, stearic acid, and calcium stearate are commonly used in the extrusion process of plastic profiles lubricant.

Lubricant selection in PVC stabilizer:
1. Organotin system. Organotin stabilizers have no lubricating effect and poor dispersibility. Therefore, when organic tin stabilizers are used, the lubricating system should be composed of a proper increase of stone wax, calcium stearate and a small amount of polyvinyl wax, which can provide sufficient internal and external lubrication balance for processing, and there is no pollution and toxicity.
2. Lead salt system. Because some lead salts have external lubricity, when using polyolefin wax or oxidized polyolefin wax as external lubrication in the lead salt stabilization system, the amount of additives should not be too much, generally 0.01-0.05 parts, if the formula Other additives have no lubricating effect, and the addition amount can be increased appropriately, generally 0.1 to 0.5 parts. There are different types of lubricants for machine shearing performance.

When using a thinner stabilizer, it should be selected according to the shear performance of the extruder. In the trial production, according to the shape of the profile, polyvinyl wax and calcium stearate are used to make up for the lack of internal or external slip in the stabilizer, so as to balance the processing needs.

The synergistic effect of Fischer-Tropsch wax (FT Wax)and calcium-zinc stabilizer and other auxiliary agents is obvious, assisting the stabilizer to extend the thermal stability time, reduce the melt viscosity, and reduce the friction between molecules, molecules and mechanical walls. Improve the initial colorability of products. It has a positive impact on the mechanical properties of the product.


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