3 principles of EBS action

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Internal lubricant: Due to the existence of polar amide group in EBS molecule, it has processing lubricating effect and low temperature anti-adhesive effect on polymer resin, EBS can be inserted inside polymer resin to reduce the interaction between resin molecules.

External lubricant: EBS has limited compatibility with resin and can be tracted from the inside of resin to the surface, reducing the mutual friction between resin particles and between resin melt and processing equipment, preventing it from adhering to the metal surface and playing the role of external lubrication.

EBS is used as lubricating and stripping agent in plastic processing, which can improve the quality of plastic products and the appearance of products.














Antistatic agent, charging agent and friction charging agent
Antistatic agent is an auxiliary agent that uses the characteristics of surfactants to absorb moisture in the air, activate the surfactants, form extremely thin electrical layers, and generate static floods. The widely used antistatic agent is a surface active agent, which can inhibit the generation of static electricity through different cubic charges or reduce the coefficient of friction, thereby reducing the surface resistance of the coating film-forming material, and accelerating the leakage of electrostatic charge. In a typical antistatic agent micronized amide wax rheology modifier In the surfactant molecule, one end of the two end groups has a hydrophilic group (X) and the other end has a lipophilic group (Y), forming an XRY structure, and has an appropriate hydrophilic-lipophilic value (HLB), antistatic In the molecular structure of the agent, the proper matching of hydrophilic and lipophilic groups has a positive impact on the antistatic effect. Among the lipophilic and hydrophilic groups of antistatic agents, the hydrophilic groups can be further divided into micro-hydrophilic groups, hydrophilic groups, and hydrophilic groups. Strong water base, etc., lipophilic bases include HaC (CH: points, CeH-, Cy Hu-Colla-, (CH, CH-CH 0%, CH(CH) (一, ICH alg SiCH:) ., (C 1 : -CH-0) .etc.; Lazy shows water CH: bases are CH.OCH, -C, 11, 0CH, -CO0CHL, -CS, -CSS 11, -CHIO. -NO: etc.; generally hydrophilic -OH, -COO I, -CN, -NC·CON H, COON H:, CO OR, OSO: NO, etc.: Strong hydrophilic line -CeH.SOsH, -SO, II CSU gNa), COON a, COON Il :. One Cl, one Br, I, etc.

Antistatic agents can be classified according to their chemical structure. Generally, they can be divided into cationic, anionic, nonionic and amphoteric types. Commonly used antistatic agents are these four compounds or complexes.
Generally, powder coatings coated with surface towels are relatively high, which is easy to be charged with static electricity, and the generated charges are difficult to leak for a while. By adding antistatic agents, the surface resistance of powder wood coatings is small and insulating, which is even higher than that of conductors or half bodies. , So that the Houji electric toe book is reduced from 10~10″0·cm to 10*~101n.cm

At present, the commonly used antistatic agent in powder coatings is the 711 antistatic agent of Hubei Laisi Chemical New Material Co., Ltd. It is white to yellow particles or powder, the content is 99.5%, the relative density is 2.15~-2.17, and the dosage is It is 0.5%~3% of the total formula. It is dispersed by the melt-magnetic extrusion mixing method. The antistatic agent AS88P of Guangzhou Tianlong Trading Co., Ltd. is conducive to the electrostatic adsorption of powder coatings, improves the first-time powdering rate, and overcomes the static electricity of the concave part. It has a shielding effect and has loosening and agglomeration properties for the powder coating, and the surface effect of the aluminum powder powder coating film is more uniform, avoiding the phenomenon of surface blooming, and the dosage is about 0.5% of the total energy.


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