Physical indicators of emulsifier OP-10

2021-12-26   Pageview:207

Active substance content: ≥99.0
Appearance (25℃): colorless transparent oil
Color (Hazen) :≤50
Turbidity point ℃ (1% aqueous solution) : 60-67
Hydroxyl value (mgKOH/g) : 85±5
Water content (%) : ≤1.0
pH value (1% aqueous solution): 5.5-7.0
HLB value : 13.3-14













Most of the additives commonly used in powder coatings introduced in Chapter 3, can be used in epoxy powder coatings. Most of the powder coatings used in epoxy powder coatings are coated with the appearance of a flat coating film of different gloss, and rarely use various textures (orange grain Therefore, a considerable part of the texturing agents, such as orange, wrinkle, sand, etc., are rarely used. Because the price of polyester resin is cheaper than epoxy resin, epoxy polyester powder coating is cheaper than pure epoxy powder coating, coating Film appearance is also better, heat resistance is also very good, gradually by the epoxy-polyester powder coating to replace the decorative pure epoxy powder coating, in the grainy powder coating in pure epoxy powder coating is rarely used.

In the epoxy powder coating, for the requirement of flat appearance must be used In order to make the various components in the formula evenly dispersed to get a flat appearance, it is also necessary to add wetting agents and dispersants such as lighteners. For cast iron, cast aluminum, hot-dip galvanized and hot-rolled steel parts with sand holes or pinholes on the surface of the coated workpiece, it is also necessary to add defoamer to the formulation. To add defoamer in the formula. In epoxy powder coating, in order to reduce the curing reaction temperature or shorten the curing reaction time, add curing accelerator in the powder coating formula. Especially in the case of epoxy powder coating for large steel pipes with heavy corrosion protection, generally use High temperature fast curing epoxy powder coating, need to use the residual heat of pipe preheating to cure powder coating, so add curing accelerator to shorten the curing time to meet the requirements of complete curing, in order to improve the flexibility of pipe anti-corrosion thick coating, in the formula also need In order to improve the flexibility of pipe anti-corrosion thick coating, it is also necessary to add bretting agent in the formula, and to prevent the thick coating from hanging, it is also necessary to add anti-sagging agent and other additives. In matting epoxy powder coatings, it is necessary to add matting agent, matting curing agent or matting resin and other additives to adjust the gloss of the coating film.


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