Outdoors, what should be paid attention to in the selection of masterbatch formula?

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In order to ensure the comfort and safety of spectators watching the game, the plastic seats of the stadiums should have beautiful appearance, strong structure, long service life, elastic feet, comfortable seat, impact resistance, heat resistance, high toughness, good water resistance, etc. Advantages, but more need to have good light resistance and weather resistance.

Sports stadium seats are generally injection-molded, and copolymerized polypropylene blow-molding is also used. The hollow blow molding seat is a double-layer hollow structure, and the comfort will be better.

Most of the stadium seats are outdoors all year round, exposed to sunlight, rain, and freezing. Therefore, the indicators that need to be paid attention to in the design of color masterbatch formulations include weather resistance, heat resistance, dispersion, and migration resistance.

01丨Weather resistance: Since the stadium seats are used outdoors for a long time, the selected pigments should have excellent weather resistance, UV resistance, and will not fade for at least three years. Many varieties have poor weather resistance, resulting in fading of plastic products and customer complaints.

02丨Heat resistance: The temperature of the melt during injection molding is relatively high, and the time it stays in the high temperature material is relatively long, which requires the colorant used to have high heat resistance to resist High temperature damages it. If PP copolymerization is used, the blow molding temperature will be higher.

03丨Dispersibility: The basic requirements for the appearance of stadium seating products are bright colors, high gloss, and no color spots. In terms of gloss, in addition to the factors of the mold itself, the degree of dispersion of solid substances such as pigments contained in the product formulation is also an important factor. The injection molding machine has a short screw and very limited dispersion of pigment particles, so pigment dispersion is very important. Tianshi polyethylene wax products can improve the fluidity and dispersibility of the color masterbatch during processing; can effectively improve the coloring ability of the pigment in the color masterbatch; and can improve the surface gloss of the color masterbatch product.

04丨Mobility: Once the stadium seat has a migration problem, it will contaminate the clothes of the audience, and the impact will be extremely bad.

Similar to stadium seats, there are more and more plastic products used outdoors, such as steel cable sheathing for bridges, construction materials, advertising boxes, turnover boxes, and automotive plastic parts. You can refer to these ten above. The main point is to draw inferences from one case to another, and carry out the selection and formula design of color masterbatch pigments for outdoor products.


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