Physical index of organic zinc catalyst DY-5350

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DY-5350 is a highly active organic zinc catalyst with no solvent addition and zinc content ≥22%; it complies with “EU RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU and its amendment directive (EU) 2015/863” and does not contain organic tin, organic mercury and other components.

Type: Organic zinc catalyst
Appearance: light yellow transparent viscous liquid
Solvent: None
Zinc content: 22%~23%















pH regulator
Definition and determination of pH
The pH value is the indicator of the pH of the (water) solution. The pH of the solution is mainly determined by the concentration of hydrogen ions [H+] and the concentration of hydroxyl ions [OH一].
When [H十]>10-mol/L>[OH-], the solution is acidic;
When [H+] =10-mol/L=[OH], the solution is neutral;
When [H*] <10-7mol/L<[OH一], the solution appears alkaline.
When [H*] is used to indicate the pH of the solution, the value is very small, and the application is extremely inconvenient. Therefore, in chemistry, the negative logarithm of [H+] is used to express the acidity and alkalinity of the solution, which is called the pH value of the solution, pH=-lg[H+].

When the thermodynamic ion product of water is at 25℃, K=1.008×10-14mol/L², if it is converted into a logarithm, and the values ​​of pK, pOH and pH are introduced, we get:

pK=pH+pOH= 14
In this way, at 25°C, the acidic solution has pH<7, the neutralization point pH=7, and the alkaline solution pH>7.
The pH of the solution can be measured using pH test paper. The test paper has wide-area test paper (measured in the whole range) and precision test paper (measured in a limited range), which is very convenient to use, but not accurate enough. The precise measurement method is to use a pH meter “I

The effect of pH on emulsion and latex paint
The main function of pH adjuster is to adjust and control the pH value of latex paint (,
The pH value of latex paint has a certain influence on its storage stability, viscosity and paint film performance.
The main component of latex paint one

When the emulsion is synthesized, it contains 1.5%~2% polymerizable acid in the formulation. Usually, methacrylic acid can make the emulsion obtain better image stability and freeze-thaw cycle resistance, and also help the pigment wetting and Improve dispersibility. Because acrylic emulsion usually contains polymerized acid, it is desirable to maintain a constant pH level, usually between 8.5 and 9.5 41, that is, under normal circumstances, the emulsion can maintain long-term stability under alkaline conditions.

Alkali swelling thickeners are used in the manufacturing process of latex paint. This type of polymer wax generally has a large number of carboxyl groups, enters water and meets alkali to neutralize, forming polymer salts, showing viscosity.


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