Physical index of Germany BYK’s acid catalyst BYK-C450

2021-12-06   Pageview:263

Amine value: 10 mg KOH/g
Non-volatile matter: 27%
20% acid content
Composition: amine salt solution of p-sulfonic acid
Solvent: propylene glycol methyl ether/propylene glycol/water 64/5/3
Dosage (according to the additives provided): 1.5-6% of resin solids













Consider the feasibility of coating formulation, production, coating, curing conditions and coating output rate in terms of price cost, ease of operation, production advantages and economic scale.
It is necessary to consider the convenience and versatility of obtaining the raw materials in the formula.
It is necessary to consider the compliance of the final product of the paint, coating film and coated material with environmental protection, production protection, fire protection, and trade laws and regulations.
Finally, the compatibility of the final formula components must be verified and reviewed.

In other words, when the paint formulation considers the above eight elements, the paint variety or its main film-forming substances (resin and curing agent) are roughly determined. According to the main film-forming substance, the formula design can be started, and the formula design must surround several other ingredients. First, if it is a solvent-based coating, you must choose a thinner (such as water-based paint, the thinner is water), and secondly, select pigments and fillers according to the function and task of the coating, and finally according to the formula, production, and stability , Coating, curing conditions and film performance requirements to choose pre-adding or post-adding additives.

The ideal of the paint formulator is “if you can use wax additives without additives”, after measuring the task and purpose of the paint, quality performance requirements, paint production, storage, painting, baking curing, coating function and related regulations, As long as the selected resin or matching resin, curing agent and diluent are perfect enough, it is possible that additives are not needed. However, it is almost impossible in reality, because the above-mentioned formulation considerations must be met at the same time, resin and curing agent It cannot be fully satisfied with the help of chemical synthesis technology, and even if it can be synthesized and produced, the required raw materials, equipment, economic scale, coating and baking curing may not be matched.


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