Function of acrylic polymer coating dispersant

2021-10-04   Pageview:773

1, Specially used for carbon black grinding, especially for high surface carbon black FW200, 6# grinding dispersion, with
2, Very high blackness
3, Effectively reduce grinding viscosity, good storage stability.
4, Promote the grinding speed of carbon black, and the color paste made by it has good color spreading property.
5, Contains wetting agent which can remove the water film on the surface of pigment.
6, Higher adsorption capacity than water, which greatly increases the grinding efficiency and reduces the cost.











The surface tension of the defoamer is usually lower than the surface tension of the coating, which helps the defoamer to spread on the surface of the coating film to defoam. The surface tension of most coatings is within the range of 30~38mN/m, while the surface tension of most defoamers is less than 30mN/m.

Therefore, attention should be paid to coatings with very low surface tension, which are difficult or impossible to effectively defoam. Fluorinated surfactants can reduce the surface tension below 25mN/m, e914 polyethylene wax oxidized but you should be cautious when choosing them. Because there are too many differences in surface tension, some problems will occur, such as shrinkage, etc., which may not be easy to solve. It is the effect of different surfactants and different dosages on the surface tension of water. General and high viscosity latex paint 0.3%~0.8%, low viscosity latex paint and water-soluble paint 0.01%~0.3% resin emulsion 0.03%~0.5%

Precipitation or delamination of defoamers for latex paint is a common phenomenon, and generally speaking, it will not affect the use. Regardless of whether the defoamer has obvious stratification, it must be fully stirred or shaken before use. In this way, the defoaming quality can be stabilized and dispersed quickly, which is conducive to immediate effect.

Before using the defoamer, unless there is a clear regulation, it generally does not need to be diluted with water and can be added directly. For some water-dilutable products, if they need to be diluted when used, they should also be used as they are diluted, so as not to affect the dispersion.


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