Stacking of catalyst

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The catalyst should be stacked in a “tall and thin” manner with a height-to-diameter ratio of more than 1.5, as long as the pressure drop allows, otherwise the utilization rate of the catalyst against the wall will be lower and the catalytic effect of the overall catalyst bed will be affected.

The pores should be in the same direction as the gas flow, with a certain pore length, and the catalyst blocks should be staggered, with the four sides in contact with the reactor wall using steel skeletons or high temperature resistant materials to prevent the exhaust gas from leaking through.











After the resin is cured, the anti-slip agent particles are firmly attached to the surface of the tile, showing a slightly uneven surface. When walking on it, the anti-slip effect is very good, the wear resistance is excellent, and it does not affect the texture and appearance of the tile.

The use effect of organic synthetic material anti-skid agent
There are more and more organic synthetic material anti-skid agents used in coatings, which have good anti-skid effect, durability and beauty, but the price is slightly more expensive. The following introduces its anti-skid effect used in solvent-based coatings, water-based coatings and aqueous dispersion coatings.

Resilient non-slip ground pave the ground of stadiums, gymnasiums, and land arenas
Laying, plastic runways, etc., are increasingly using organic synthetic particles and coatings to be poured together, and the formed coating film is not only non-slip, beautiful, durable, but also moderately elastic and abrasion resistant.

In the surface construction of polyurethane elastic non-slip floor pavements, sasol 6213 paraffin container wax semi-rigid polyurethane particles with continuous bubbles are often used as anti-slip agents, mixed with solvent-based two-component polyurethane and sprayed. The formula of polyurethane elastic non-slip paving floor and its comparison with the blank sample and silica sand as the anti-slip agent.

Polyurethane elastic anti-skid paving floor formula
Continuous bubble Continuous bubble Continuous bubble Continuous bubble Semi-rigid polyurethane
①Crush the polyurethane elastomer into polyurethane fragments of a certain particle size, and sprinkle them over the uncured two-component polyurethane paint, and remove the excess fragments after curing.
The slip resistance, abrasion resistance and gloss of various examples of the polyurethane elastic non-slip pavement surface.


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