Nano titanium dioxide photocatalyst

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The appearance of nano titanium oxide photocatalyst is white loose powder. It has strong redox ability under the action of visible light or ultraviolet light, with stable chemical performance, and can decompose harmful organic substances such as formaldehyde, toluene, xylene, ammonia, radon, TVOC, pollutants, odor, bacteria, viruses, microorganisms and other harmful organic substances into harmless CO2 and H2O at the bottom, and has the characteristics of removing pollutants, hydrophilicity, self-cleaning, etc., with lasting performance and no secondary pollution.















Adding glass flakes to the epoxy resin powder coating can obtain heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant properties similar to those of glass-lined, which can be used for the protection of the inner and outer walls of pipelines. The surface of the glass flakes is coated with zinc, and can also be made into anti-corrosion and anti-static coatings for the inner wall of oil tanks. The resin-based glass flake coating is applied to the steel plate ptfe wax lube and covered with modified polyethylene flakes, which can be pressed into a composite material with high peel strength. Epoxy resin glass flake coating has excellent resistance to chlorine water when used in swimming pools. The resin-based glass flake coating is used for motor and vibration-prone mechanical shell, which can play a sound damping effect and reduce noise.
Similarly, talc in the form of flakes can also improve corrosion resistance in coatings. Moreover, talc has the ability to inhibit the corrosion of alkaline solutions and cause anodic passivation of steel substrates. Mica can make the paint film more complete and improve its corrosion resistance. The epoxy coating of mica improves the resistance to cathodic debonding. Mica can also improve the corrosion resistance of latex paint.

Organic corrosion inhibitor
At present, there are many organic compounds used as coating corrosion inhibitors. These compounds can be used directly or mixed with other corrosion inhibitor pigments.

Alkaline earth metal salts of basic sulfonic acid are the most mentioned organic corrosion inhibitors for coatings in the literature. They are mainly used as additives for lubricants. The disadvantage of this type of product is that it contains some petroleum, which can cause compatibility problems, and may also cause some coatings to lose adhesion. Basic sulfonates are widely used in asphalt coatings under car bodies. There is no compatibility problem with paint, and its application in high-performance coatings is not so successful. These products are used in polyurethane, alkyd resins, silicone modified alkyd resins and acrylic latex coatings, with a large amount of addition.



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