The advantages and applications of paraffin emulsifiers

2022-03-20   Pageview:258

Paraffin emulsifier is a non-ionic surfactant which is composed of various surfactants and auxiliary emulsifiers. It is an emulsifier specially used to emulsify paraffin.

The paraffin emulsifier is dispersed in hot water and can also be dissolved in common organic solvents, and has good emulsifying and lubricating effects.

1. The emulsifier has unique emulsifying properties for various paraffin products such as fully refined, semi-refined, crude paraffin, chemical wax, soap wax and so on. When using this product to prepare paraffin wax emulsion, it has the advantages of simple equipment, mature technology, simple operation and high efficiency, and the formed paraffin wax emulsion is uniform and stable.

2. Using this product, paraffin wax emulsion with a solid content of more than 50% can be obtained, with uniform particles, high dispersion, stable storage, non-toxic, odorless, good lubricity, acid resistance, alkali resistance, hard water resistance, no delamination, No demulsification and other characteristics. And it has good water solubility, no demulsification, no agglomeration, no stratification when diluted with any proportion of water, and has a long shelf life. It can be stored for more than six months under the condition of 10-25 °C in a closed and dark place.

3. The paraffin wax emulsion prepared by this product is widely used in papermaking, textile, casting, water-based materials, wax for water-based inks and other fields, and can also be directly used as a release agent. In the man-made fiberboard industry, it can completely replace paraffin wax as a waterproof and moisture-proof aid It is simpler, cheaper and more effective than using paraffin.


1. In general, for 58# paraffin, the solid content of wax emulsion (including paraffin and emulsifier) ​​is 20%~30%, and the amount of emulsifier is 35% of the amount of paraffin. That is, to prepare 100Kg 30% wax emulsion, 70Kg water, 23Kg paraffin and 7Kg emulsifier are required.

2. Preparation process: heat the metered water to 80~90 ℃; at the same time, add the metered emulsifier to the metered paraffin, mix, heat and melt; then add the mixture to the above hot water, stir evenly, keep the temperature for 10 minutes, and cool it to make the tape. A strong emulsion of blue light.


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