4 trends in film-forming additives

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1, Odor reduction Coasol, DBE-IB, Optifilm Enhancer 300, TXIB, and blends of TXIB and Texanol can all reduce odor. Although TXIB is slightly worse in reducing MFT and early scrub resistance, it can be improved in these aspects by blending with Texanol.

2, Reduces volatile organic compounds (VOC).

3, low toxicity, safety and acceptable biodegradability.

4, Active film-forming additives.











The ICI viscosity of a coating is usually evaluated under the condition that the Stormer viscosity (KU) value is fixed. Because the leveling of the coating is mainly affected by the mid-shear viscosity (KU), the Stormer viscosity (KU) must be referred to when adjusting the ICI viscosity. Some thickeners can increase the viscosity of ICI, but at the same time increase the Stormer viscosity (KU). When the viscosity of lCI is the same, the Stormer viscosity (KU) is different. In a formula that uses both pseudoplastic and Newtonian associative thickeners, Stormer viscosity (KU) will be affected by these two thickeners, so first determine Stormer viscosity (KU) and then control Brinell 6r/ Min viscosity and ICI viscosity are shortcuts,

what is p.t.f.e
① Maintain 110KU, choose DSX 2000, DSX 3075 in pure acrylic emulsion for ICI viscosity comparison. The performance of 3075 is similar to that of 2000. At the same Stormer viscosity (KU), the ICI viscosity is more consistent.
②Keep 110KU, compare the increase of thickener DSX 1516, DSX 3075, SN 612 in latex paint, increase both low shear Stormer viscosity (KU) and medium shear Stormer viscosity (KU). While hoping to increase the viscosity of the ICI, don’t treat Stormer.

With cobalt drier, the temperature from 17 to 25 ℃, the drying speed is increased by 0.3 times, and when manganese drier is used, it is 2.9 times faster, so air-drying coatings are not suitable for construction at room temperature below 5 ℃. The amount of drier for drying paint decreases as the drying temperature increases.


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