463 mold inhibitor for powder coating 

2021-10-14   Pageview:698

463 is a series of anti-mold agents produced by advanced process formulas and technologies. A number of anti-mold tests have been carried out according to the standards. Its anti-mold effect has reached the specified first-level anti-mold packaging level, which can fully meet the product’s anti-mold requirements. It has excellent characteristics such as high efficiency, broad spectrum, safety, good stability, and convenient use, and is environmentally friendly and pollution-free.














The mechanism of action of preservatives and anti-mildew and anti-algae agents
The research on the mechanism of action of preservatives and antifungal and antialgae agents is to reveal the ways and means through which the agents affect the state of pathogens and the physiological and biochemical processes. This is practical for the selection and synthesis of preservatives, antifungal and antialgae agents. ptfe wax powder Guiding significance.
The inhibitory and toxic performance of preservatives, anti-mildew and anti-algae agents on fungi and algae depends not only on their composition, structure, concentration and time of action, but also on the fungi and algae themselves.

Hinder bacterial respiration
Pathogens consume sugars and carbohydrates during breathing to release energy to maintain the synthesis and utilization of various components in the body. The storage and conversion of energy are inseparable from the formation and breaking of high-energy phosphate bonds.
In the sugar metabolism system, the tricarboxylic acid cycle, one of the respiratory pathways, involves some enzymes. Enzyme is a kind of macromolecular protein, and its active center often only occupies a small part, with sulfhydryl groups, amino groups or trace metal ions. If the bactericide enters the bacterial body, it can bind to this active center and affect the activity of the enzyme within a certain period of time, then the operation of the energy metabolism system will be interrupted and breathing will stop. Generally speaking, copper, mercury, arsenic and organic sulfur all belong to this mechanism of action.


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