Introduction of tin catalyst Dabco T-12

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Dabco T-12 (dibutyltin dilaurate) is an organotin compound catalyst with a high boiling point.

It is used as an efficient catalyst in the manufacture of polyurethane coatings, electroplating coatings, polyurethane foams, coatings, adhesives and sealants; silicone rubber mold products, soft PVC plastic products such as films, semi-rigid sheets, transparent software tubes, etc. as heat stabilizers. Although pure dibutyltin dilaurate is solid at room temperature, our Dabco T-12 is specially treated to be in liquid form above 18°C.














Application examples in transparent fireproof coatings
Application examples of flame retardants in transparent fireproof coatings.
The flame retardants and additives of the transparent fireproof coating have a great influence on the fireproof performance of the coating. For clear coatings, the transparency and fire resistance of the coating are of equal importance. This requires that the selected flame retardant and additives must be in harmony with the base material to achieve the best fire protection effect, but also to achieve the ideal Transparency.

There are also two aspects here: one is the rational selection of flame retardants and various additives, in short, the determination of the types of flame retardants and additives; the other is the determination of flame retardants and various flame retardant additives. First, the flame retardants and flame retardant additives that can affect the transparency of the coating as little as possible are screened out. On this basis, ptfe modified pe wax data according to the physical and chemical properties of the flame retardants and additives, their structure and the possibility of their relationship with the base material are analyzed.

For some chemical reactions that exist, the reaction conditions are controlled according to their maximum solubility in the base material, so as to optimize the transparency of the coating. In the study of transparent fire-retardant coatings, if excessive amounts of flame retardants and additives are added to the same amount of base material, the fireproof performance of the coating is good, but the transparency is reduced; if the amount of flame retardants and additives is too small, the coating will The transparency is good, but the fireproof effect will be reduced; only when the flame retardant, additive and base material are properly proportioned, the coating can achieve a more ideal fireproof effect and transparency, so we can only take these two aspects into consideration. When the base material is constant, there is an optimal value between the flame retardant and the flame retardant additive. At this time, the fire resistance and transparency of the coating are ideal.

Application examples in ultra-thin intumescent steel structure fireproof coating
The application of flame retardant in a kind of ultra-thin intumescent fireproof coating for steel structure.


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