The role of oxidized polyethylene wax

2021-12-17   Pageview:300

1, As concentrated color masterbatch, polypropylene masterbatch, additive masterbatch, filler masterbatch and other pigment or filler dispersant, lubricant, brightening agent, coupling agent.
2, As rubber and plastic processing lubricant, film release agent and phase solvent, EVA wax and a variety of rubber has good compatibility, due to its high melting point and low viscosity, promoting good resin fluidity, relatively low power consumption of resin mixing, reduce the adhesion of resin and mold, easy to release the film, playing the role of internal and external lubrication, while having good anti-static properties.
3, As a dispersant of ink, anti-scrubbing agent.
4, As viscosity adjuster of hot sol.
5, As processing auxiliary for aluminum foil laminated paper.
6, As shoe polish, floor wax, varnish wax, car wax, cosmetics, match wax stick, ink wear agent, ceramics, precision casting agent, oil absorbent, sealing cement, Chinese medicine wax pill, hot melt adhesive, paint and powder coating matting agent, cable material additive, oil well wax absorbent, crayon, copy paper, wax paper, printing clay, photographic material matrix, textile softener, electronic component sealant, transistor sealant, rubber processing aid, automobile primer, dental material processing aid, steel antirust agent, etc.














The internally added anti-caking agent (bulking agent) includes the compound of the acid polymer and the organic compound, and the color flake-like powder. After adding it, it adjusts the strength and cohesion between the film-forming materials of the powder coating towel. It can improve the anti-blocking degree of powder coatings and improve the storage stability of powder coatings: the fluidity of general powder coating powder (reducing the angle of repose); in addition, when electrostatic powder coating, the powder coating polytetrafluoroethylene wax formula is not easy to block the spray gun, which is free The agglomeration and wall sticking of powder wood coatings are also beneficial to increase the powdering rate. Beilaisi Chemical New Material Co., Ltd. powder flow agent 445 belongs to this type of additive, and the dosage is 0.5%~0.6% for a wide range of formulations.  Adding method within.

This internally-added anti-caking agent (cucurbita pine) is insoluble in water, is waste-resistant, alkali-resistant, has good light stability, and has good dispersibility in powder coatings. The addition amount in the formula is 0.3% of the total site. ~0.8%, in addition, fumed silica can also be added internally, but in the same amount of addition, the effect of internal addition is not as good as external addition.

The commonly used anti-caking agent (releasing agent) is fumed silica (also known as carbon black). Its function is to act as a slip and isolation between powder coating particles, and to corrode between powder coating particles. It is not easy to stick and agglomerate, and has the effect of loosening, improving the powder coating’s dry powder kinetics (reducing the angle of repose) and the fluidization performance in the powder supply, and to a certain extent, it also improves the powder coating cost of the powder coating.  The specific surface area of ​​gas-phase dioxide shoes is large, and the absorption of moisture is very strong.

One of the important reasons for the powder coating is easy to be refined and loose. One of the important reasons is to absorb moisture in the air, so it is dry in powder coating After the fumed silica is added in the mixing method, the fumed silica first absorbs moisture, which can prevent the powder coating from absorbing moisture, and the powder coating is always in a dry state, and it is not easy to be chipped, and maintains the good fluidity of the powder coating powder. The amount of vapor-phase silicon dioxide added in the powder coating formulation is 0.1%~0.5% of the total amount, and the appropriate amount can be selected according to the powder coating species and formulation; it can be based on the pseudo-air weight and seasonal changes, and it can be used in summer when the temperature is high. Appropriately increase the amount of paint added.


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