Introduction of PTFE-A06

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A06, a fluorine electret powder produced by our factory, is mainly used to produce meltblown cloth with a filtration efficiency of 95 or 99. The meltblown cloth produced with high-fusing ester polypropylene resin masterbatch with fluorine electret powder A06 has good electrostatic retention ability, low moisture absorption and air permeability, etc. It can improve the filtration efficiency of meltblown cloth and effectively block droplets, dusts and viruses below microns when the temperature, humidity and storage time are unstable. It can be used to make the middle layer of N95 mask.












Although polyphenylene sulfide rods have many advantages and continue to expand in application fields, compared with polytetrachloroethylene, the application is not universal. The reasons are as follows: First, the coating construction process is more complicated and the plasticization temperature is high. , It needs to be painted many times, the painting is time-consuming and difficult, and the painting cost is high; second, the price of polyphenylene sulfide resin is high, which is equivalent to polytetrafluoroethylene resin, and the cost of coating is high, which is difficult for users to accept. With the advancement of science and technology, continuous improvement of the coating process, development of easy-to-paint modified wax coating products and composite coating products, and when the price of powder coatings also drops, not only will the application of polyphenylene sulfide powder coatings expand, but also Usage and production will also continue to increase.

Fluororesin powder coatings are powder coatings composed of thermally differential fluororesin, pigments, fillers and additives. The fluororesin is mainly made by polymerization of fluorinated vinyl monomers. The various characteristics of the resin are closely related to the structure of the C-lower bond. The F atom and the CF bond have the following characteristics: ①The radius of the F atom is small; ②C -The F bond has a large bond energy; the GCF bond has a small polarizability,

The small radius of the fluorine atom and the low polarizability of the carbon-fluorine bond make the internal structure of the fluororesin compact, so that the surface tension of the fluororesin is small, the friction force is small, and it has surface characteristics such as water-based and non-adhesive properties because of the carbon-fluorine bond The bond energy of fluorine resin is large, so the carbon-fluorine bond is not easy to break when exposed to black radiation of heat and light, so that the fluororesin has excellent weather resistance and chemical resistance. In addition, due to the low polarizability of the fluorine bond, the fluororesin has excellent electrical insulation and low dielectric constant.

The types of fluororesin and the characteristics after coating are shown in Table 321. There are many types of fluororesin, but there are few varieties that can be used in powder coatings. From the practical application, the varieties that can be used in powder coatings include polyvinylidene fluoride. Ethylene (PVDF), ethylene tri-pepper ethylene chloride polymer (ECT FE), polyperfluoroethylene, copolymer of propylene, fluoroolefin and ethylene floor. Polyvinylidene fluoride is a thermo-thermal resin. The shangye chemical products include Kayu ar 500 from Pean Walt. Its characteristics are shown in Table 8-22. The ethylene trifluoroethylene resin produced by SolvaySo lexis has excellent corrosion resistance and permeability. Very low. Excellent electrical performance, good impact resistance, good wear resistance and fire resistance, smooth coating surface, low thermal expansion coefficient, can be used continuously and safely within the range of less than 149 ℃, intermittent use temperature is higher than 200 ℃, resin With the characteristics of high purity, the technical indicators of this resin coating.


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