What is Clariant Emulsogen M?

2021-12-27   Pageview:761

Clariant Clariant Emulsogen MP 1 emulsifier blend based on NPE-free products

Clariant’s emulsifier blends based on NPE-free products ensure high efficiency in agriculture.

Clariant matched pairs contain different emulsifier blends based on NPE-free products. By combining them in variable proportions, various EC formulations can be formulated using only small amounts of raw materials.












In the liquefied gas cylinders, kitchen appliances cable bridges, agricultural machinery,, auto parts, chemical equipment construction materials, mining bracket and other anti-corrosion, rust coating. In the decorative aspect, it is used for the painting of electrical switchgear, meters, instruments, metal boxes and cabinets of daily-use hardware, etc. In the electrical insulation used in the motor rotor or copper row of electromagnetic wire, enameled wire insulation coating and electronic products sealing insulation coating.

Epoxy powder coating in the pipeline as a thick coating, send this powder coating is called fusionbonded epoxycoating (fusionbonded eepoxycoating, ng, that is, FBE). This fischer-tropsch wax quest powder coating has single, double and triple coating, single layer is the use of a single epoxy powder coating; double layer is the use of two epoxy powder coating, one of which is the bottom epoxy powder coating, the other is the top epoxy powder coating; three layers is composed of three varieties, the bottom layer is epoxy powder coating, the middle layer is acrylic copolymer (usually ethylene, methacrylic acid, maleic acid or anhydride copolymer, can both react with epoxy resin, and can be compatible with polyethylene) adhesive, the top layer is a high-pressure low-density polyethylene cladding tape, these three different types of epoxy powder


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