Performance characteristics of liquid paraffin emulsion

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Liquid paraffin emulsion is a gray-white homogeneous translucent liquid, with acid, alkali resistance, hard water resistance, strong water solubility, stable emulsion, no stratification, no demulsification, no caking, long shelf life and high solid content when diluted with water in any proportion. , good dispersion and other performance characteristics, are used in many fields. However, many liquid paraffins have very poor stability, and often precipitate, and the particle size is relatively coarse, which can easily affect the effect of the coating.

Performance characteristics of liquid paraffin emulsion

The liquid paraffin is emulsified with a special neutral non-ionic emulsifier, which avoids the shortcomings of unstable and easy stratification by alkaline saponification before. The liquid paraffin produced by Aoda is of good quality, many varieties and stable supply. It serves nearly 10,000 enterprises and is a well-known manufacturer of wax emulsions in China.

Applications of liquid paraffin emulsion

1. The role of liquid paraffin emulsion in leather. Adding 1% to 5% wax emulsion to the leather fatliquor can improve the filling performance of the fatliquoring agent, improve the penetration performance of the fatliquor in the leather fiber, increase the waterproof performance of the leather, and make the leather feel smooth and smooth. Soft and plump. When used as an additive in leather finishing, it is mainly added to the leather finishing agent to fill the coating, improve the coating feel, wear resistance, anti-sticking and increase gloss.

2. The role of liquid paraffin emulsion in paper. In the process of paper selection, most of the papers are added with internal sizing material, which can make the inherent absorbing mesh of paper fibers have ideal water resistance. Traditional fillers generally use resins, such as emulsified paraffin, which can replace 20% to 40% of the traditional resin dosage. Adding paraffin microemulsion can reduce the hygroscopicity of paper and promote the uniform distribution of colloid in the fiber structure of paper.

3. The role of liquid paraffin emulsion in the fields of rubber and coatings. In light industry and rubber industry, emulsified paraffin can be used as polishing agent, coating and auxiliary agent. In the pre-vulcanization process of making latex gloves, or in the gluing and blending tank, emulsified paraffin can be added in a certain amount, which can improve the anti-stickiness of the casting mold and facilitate the release of the gloves.

The application fields of liquid paraffin emulsion are far more than these, and also have applications in textiles, adhesives, mold release agents, cosmetics, stone polishing, furniture polishing and other fields. Tianswax has always focused on the development and application of wax additives. Create a whole industrial chain from the refining, oxidation, grafting, esterification and saponification of upstream raw wax to the emulsification and micronization of downstream polymer wax.


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