Function of defoamer in paint production

2021-09-10   Pageview:1789

The advantages are as follows
1. Quickly solve the problem of foaming in a short time, and reduce the bad influence of foam on the paint.
2. Adding in advance according to the dosage can avoid the generation of foam and solve the foam first.
3. The foam in the paint will dilute the consistency of the paint, eliminate the foam to make the paint consistency normal.
4. Solve the problem of air formed inside the paint, improve the quality of the paint filling, and do not let the foam affect.














Coatings can be applied and covered on objects in different processes so that a solid film with a certain strength and firmness can be formed on the surface of the object. The coating film formed by coating 1) plays an aesthetic and decorative role, and 2) protects and disguises the defects on the surface of the object, allowing the value of the product to appreciate.

Although coatings have a great value of use, they often encounter a problem, which is foam.

The formulation and production process of industrial coatings are special, which are prone to produce a large amount of foam. The lower the surface tension of the coating, the smaller the free energy required to form foam, and the easier it is for the coating to produce foam.  What is the wax emulsion price for coating?

Silicone defoamer is refined through a special process, with the advantages of easy dispersion, strong defoaming ability, versatility, long-lasting foam inhibition, etc., using a small amount of additive, wide range of applications, silicone coating defoamer is widely used in architectural coatings, industrial coatings, water-based coatings, interior and exterior wall coatings.


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