Why film-forming additives are moving to higher boiling points?

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Reducing Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

In Europe, VOCs are those chemicals that have a boiling point equal to or below 250°C. Those substances with boiling points above 250°C are not classified as VOCs, so it makes film-forming additives to move to higher boiling points. Such as Coasol, Lusolvan FBH, DBE-IB, Optifilm Enhancer 300, diisopropyl adipate.











Elements of a complete associative network
①PVC; ②Emulsion varieties; ③Pigment and filler structure, density, bulk density, oil absorption, particle size: ④wetting and dispersing agent; ⑤solvent and surfactant; ⑥water content.

Associative thickeners mainly form an associative network with emulsion particles and inorganic particles. Water is kept in the network, so the particles are nodes. One end of the associative thickener is adsorbed on the nodes and the other end is in the water. The formation of micelles, due to the low molecular weight of the associative thickener, requires a sufficient amount of addition to form a network that can ensure the dominance of the particles.

what is ptfe wax
In the association system experiment: ①DSX 3551 was used alone in the pure acrylic paint with 45% PVC and 35% non-volatile volume fraction, resulting in delamination; ②In the pure acrylic paint with 45% PVC but 35% non-volatile volume fraction, If the Newtonian DSX 307 is used alone, the low-shear viscosity is low and the water volume is high, leading to delamination. At this time, it should be considered with the pseudoplastic associative thickener DSX 3551.

The experimental result is that DSX 3551 is used in this system without stratification, and DSX 3075 is used for stratification, which is contrary to the stated conclusion.
ICI viscosity control
Controlling ICI viscosity aims to control the high-shear viscosity of the coating, thereby helping to resist splashing, improve fullness, and increase the thickness of the coating film in one pass.


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