iHeir-D paint anti-mold agent product features

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iHeir-D paint anti-mold agent product features
● Broad-spectrum and efficient, prevents the growth of viruses, bacteria and fungi on the surface, and prevents the spread of diseases.
● Two-in-one product, which can prevent corrosion and mildew and algae, in both oil and water-based systems.













Cationic antistatic agent
The active groups of cationic antistatic agents are generally cations containing long carbon chains, with high polarity, excellent antistatic effects, and strong adhesion to various polymers, but the biggest disadvantage is poor thermal stability.

The compound types of cationic antistatic agents generally include amine salts, quaternary ammonium salts and alkyl imidazolines, etc., in particular, quaternary ammonium salt derivatives are the most widely used.

1. Quaternary ammonium salt antistatic agent
Quaternary ammonium salt antistatic agents generally have the following general structural formula:
Where R, R2, R, R4 are alkyl, alkenyl, alkylphenyl, hydroxyalkyl, alkyl ether groups, etc., X is Cl, ClO 7, NO, CH: SO7, CgH, SO, and other anionic groups group. As an antistatic agent for polymer materials, it usually has long carbon chain groups.
Quaternary ammonium salt antistatic agents are usually obtained from luan ft wax the reaction of tertiary amines and alkylating agents. Due to the different alkylating agents, various types of quaternary ammonium salts can be prepared. Commonly used alkylating reagents are alkyl halides, aromatic compounds, dialkyl sulfates, alkylene oxides, etc.
Alkyl imidazoline antistatic agent

The representative structure of alkyl imidazoline antistatic agent is 1-p-hydroxyethyl-2-imidazoline and its salt compounds.
When R is Cs~22H11~46R’ is H, it is a general imidazoline salt
When R’is alkyl or aralkyl, it is quaternary ammonium salt type imidazoline
This kind of antistatic agent is rare. As an external antistatic agent, it has a good effect when used in products such as fibers and rigid PVC records. It can also be added to paint or plastic.


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