Preparation method of cobalt hydroxide

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Cobalt hydroxide [Co(OH)2] can be used as a desiccant for paints and coatings, which is prepared by reacting cobalt metal with dilute hydrochloric acid to produce cobalt chloride (CoCl2), and then reacting cobalt chloride solution with sodium hydroxide solution to produce cobalt hydroxide.














The generation and accumulation of static electricity
Because the molecules, atoms, and the attraction of electrons of different substances are different, the surfaces of two different substances contact each other, and an electric charge can be generated instantly, and a very small static charge is enough to form a very high static voltage. Using the theory of the even electric layer to explain the charging of the object, it is believed that the positive and negative charges in the atoms in the equilibrium state, due to the surface energy in the contact friction, form the even electric layer. After being freed from friction, the side that loses electrons is positively charged, and the side that gains electrons is negatively charged, forming a tribo-charged sequence of matter.

Friction charging sequence
Generally speaking, polymers with more polar groups in the molecule tend to be positively charged, while non-polar polymers are generally negatively charged. The accumulation of static charges is the root cause of electrostatic disasters.

Static electricity is not only formed on the surface of insulator materials such as plastics, but also at the interface between conductors and semiconductor materials, but there is free movement of charge transfer between conductors and semiconductors, which will not cause the accumulation of static charges, while polymer materials Otherwise, since the molecular structure of polymers generally contains no or very few polar groups or ionized groups, it is a good insulating material, and it is difficult to eliminate it once it is electrostatically charged. The accumulation of static charge not only occurs on the solid/solid interface, ft wax manufacturers but also on the solid/gas, solid/liquid interface. In fact, the accumulation of static charge generated in various application fields brings great harm to the application of polymer materials, ranging from dust and contamination, reducing the apparent performance and use value of products, and most importantly due to serious electrostatic discharge. Interfering with the accuracy and sensitivity of the normal operation of instruments and meters may even cause some combustible objects to burn and explode, with disastrous consequences.


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