Physical index of triethanolamine oleate

2021-12-25   Pageview:254

Appearance: brown viscous oily liquid
Solubility: soluble in oil, diffuse into emulsion in water
Ionization property: positive charge surfactant
Performance: Water/oil emulsifier
Mixability: Can be mixed with cationic and nonionic surfactants
Acid value: ≤100
Acid content: ≥75.0%














This heavy anti-corrosion epoxy powder coating has the following characteristics.
① short gelation time of the coating, fast curing time, high efficiency of coating.
①The coating film has high hardness, good toughness, wear resistance, bending resistance, good cold and thermal shock resistance, and good adhesion to see, without primer.
③The coating film has good performance of anti-cathodic stripping, pe wax cas no chemical resistance, resistance to sewage and seawater, etc.
④The powder coating and coating film are non-toxic, safe and hygienic to produce and use.

(4) TYG-20 type phenolic curing agent outside
Appearance: slightly yellow powder
Softening point: 90~94℃
Glass transition temperature: 75℃
Water content: ≤0.4%
Hydroxyl value: 0.47mol/100g
Density: 1.21~1.23g/cm³
Epoxy group(molar ratio)=(0.6~0.8)/1.0

TYG-20 phenolic curing agent is a curing agent for epoxy powder coating produced by Xi’an Tianyuan Chemical Factory. The product is made of long carbon chain aliphatic carboxylic acid and phenolic resin to toughen and expand the chain, generating a polymer compound with both flexibility and rigidity, which is used as the curing agent for epoxy powder coatings.

When used as a curing agent for epoxy powder coatings, it has a similar structure to epoxy resins and is very compatible with them. When formulating epoxy powder coatings for heavy duty corrosion protection, the ratio between the hydroxyl value of the curing agent and the epoxy value of the epoxy resin is an important factor in ensuring the performance of the coating film. In order to speed up the curing reaction, it is necessary to add 2-methylimidazole and other alkaline catalyst, the amount of resin and curing agent total, which is about 0.5% of the total mass of the film-forming material is more appropriate.


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