Physical indexes of matting powder in coatings

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Influence of Matting Powder Porosity on Coatings

Matting powder is generally like a small sponge with many pores inside. Particles with higher porosity are lighter and therefore have more particles per unit mass, precisely because these particles create the microroughness required for matting. In the case of the same particle size, the higher the porosity, the higher the extinction efficiency can be obtained.

Influence of Matting Powder Surface Treatment on Coatings

1. The matting powder treated with organic wax has a small oil absorption and is easy to stratify and settle to form a soft precipitate, and the matting agent treated with organic matter has a lower matting efficiency than the equivalent untreated matting powder.

2. The untreated matting powder has large oil absorption and thixotropy, and is not easy to stratify and settle, but it is easy to produce hard precipitation, and its transparency and matting are better than the same wax-treated matting powder.

Dispersion method of matting powder in paint

To achieve the extinction effect, the matting powder must cause diffuse reflection of light on the surface of the paint film, otherwise the matting effect will not be good. Therefore, try not to grind the matting powder. If it is ground or dispersed at a high speed for a long time, the surface of the matting powder will be damaged, and the particle size will become too small. Such matting effect is not ideal. The reason why matting powder is generally not ground is that matting powder is not ground. Its own sponge-like structure, wax supplier in uae, excessive grinding (or dispersion) will destroy the sponge-like structure and form a smooth cut surface, resulting in a decrease in the extinction efficiency.


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