Advantages of Clariant OleMax 800 Series

2021-11-16   Pageview:668

High activity
Can be operated at low temperatures
Long cycle length
Computer-designed shape (CDS) increases void fraction while maintaining high geometric surface area, resulting in significantly lower pressure drop without loss of activity.
















For surfactants with different HLB values, they concluded that the HLB value of the surfactant has no effect on the thickening efficiency of HEC, while the amount of Natr osolPlus Grade 330 up to 95KU increases with the increase of the HLB value of the surfactant. The viscosity of ICl has also increased, as shown in Table 19-6. The amount of surfactant used in the test is 0.3% of the total formula.

Ming Ren Tarng et al. studied the competitive adsorption of non-ionic surfactants and HEUR thickeners on inorganic and organic coated titanium dioxide, and concluded that the titanium dioxide coating affects the adsorption capacity of the dispersant. In the medium of pH=9.3 (higher than the isoelectric point of titanium dioxide), when the isoelectric point of titanium dioxide increases, the adsorption capacity of the dispersant increases. This is because at pH=9.3, the high isoelectric point surface is easier to participate in the hydrogen bonding and acid-base interactions with the maleic acid copolymer dispersant agent, thereby promoting adsorption.

The size of the lipophilic group of the maleic acid copolymer dispersant is also related to the adsorption capacity. On the titanium dioxide coated with different inorganic substances, the adsorption capacity of C,Hy~maleic acid copolymer dispersant is less than that of CgH jz-maleic acid copolymer dispersant. For AlzOs coated titanium dioxide, after pretreatment with a smaller lipophilic base C qH, -maleic acid copolymer dispersant, non-ionic surfactants cannot be obviously adsorbed on it. For the titanium dioxide whose coating is mainly Si Oz, and the pH value drops to 7.5, the non-ionic surfactant can be adsorbed on the titanium dioxide that has absorbed the C:Hg-maleic acid copolymer dispersant. Only in the latter case can HEUR thickeners replace non-ionic surfactants to be adsorbed on it. For titanium dioxide that has a larger lipophilic base Cg Hi 7 maleic acid copolymer dispersant, HEUR thickeners cannot replace non-ionic surfactants.


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